Client Feedback

Learn from the Best to be the Best …

Brian Wilson is a very experienced premium winemaker who is an expert in the field of wine, winemaking, product design and marketing concepts, having 28 years experience in the international wine industry. His training and experience has given him great business management, people and project management skills

Client feedback includes the following statements: –

“Brian’s creative approach to daily challenges and his ability to think outside the “square” give him a perceptive nature which allows him to make wine passionately “from the heart” with quality being the underlying parameter.”

“Brian’s “street sense” and his ability to create positives from adversity are among the qualities he possesses that make him the ideal respected leader for our group. He believes and is completely committed to making our company a world leading brand.”

“Brian’s experience as an international consultant has made him an innovative and highly successful teacher. This is invaluable for our staff training and business implementation programs.”

“Self belief is something that Brian has in abundance. He has confidence in his ability and tackles problems head-on resolving issues and achieving excellent results with seeming ease.”

“He remains calm and logical under pressure and leads with common sense and by example making him a mentor for all who work with him. He treats people with respect”

“His creativity, imagination and flexibility combined with his strong and positive personality will ensure the growth of our winery in every market. He will lead this company to an optimistic future.”

“The success of our project depended critically upon the effort, care and skill that was applied in its initial stages. It was Brian’s responsibility to make sure that there were no errors, ambiguities, or misunderstandings. He made sure that all people working in our project were working with the same understanding. Everyone involved understood what was required and any potential problems or obstacles were identified (and dealt with) long before they could cause irreversible damage”

“Brian Wilson’s responsibility was to ensure that the group operates effectively. He is the primary reason that we now work so well as a constructive and cohesive unit.”

“Brian keeps the group motivated by instilling confidence and commitment from all levels of the operation. He provides a great climate for a successful interaction between management and staff which will optimise our group dynamics. He has the knack of bringing out the best in people”

“I contribute Brian’s success to his uncanny ability to think laterally, read the market, and his active imagination. He has the initiative and drive to give things a go and has enough self-confidence to back his own judgement.”

“… (Brian has) highly developed communication and personal skills. These have been important as we deal with people of different cultures and different countries. He liaised with the industry and transmitted the important information with the minimum of confusion”

“He has vision and passion and has the ability to inspire other people. Brian has an honest, open, realistic and practical approach to challenges that gains the respect of colleagues. He has an analytical mind and is self-motivated and resourceful”